Ekiga 5 – Progress Report

Current Status

Ekiga 5 has progressed a lot lately. OpenHUB is reportin a High Activity for the project. The main reason behind this is that I am again dedicating much of my spare time to the project. Unfortunately, we are again facing a lack of contributions. Most probably (among others) because the project has been silent during several years.

Recent changes include a complete port to GTK+3, with a brand new user interface ported to GAction and GSettings. But there are also many changes regarding codecs: Opus, VP8, H.264, … have either been added or improved. TCP support has also been added (TLS and SRTP are next on the TODO).

Are We Ready ?

Unfortunately not. Some parts of our engine need to be rewritten because they interact badly with Opal. Actually, multiple inheritance and shared pointers have become a nightmare. Things need to be simplified and generally speaking the engine needs to be simplified to attract more developers.

Instant messaging needs to be reimplemented. We should support MSRP.

The Ekiga.net platform needs to be upgraded, and improved. I would like the platform to handle gracefully NAT problems. I would like a new website, more attractive, more modern. I would like new features regarding user subscription, account modification and deletion.

I would like many things to make Ekiga attractive.

Are you interested in helping? Ekiga needs you! Spread the word…

GNOME 3 and HIG Love

I am making progress on the next Ekiga release.

I have spent the last few months of spare time working on the user interface. The purpose is to adapt the UI and use the great GTK+3 features when adequate. There is still much left to do, but here are before and after screenshots.

Stay tuned for more!