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Ekiga 4.2 on the Road

As most of you know, Ekiga 4.0 is still based on older technologies like GTK+-2.0. The goal is to remove all deprecated or outdated dependancies before Ekiga 4.2.

The GTK+-3.0 porting work is now terminated. Much work has been done by Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal from Igalia. More changes will happen in the future, for example to replace the current display system with a new one based on GStreamer and/or Cairo.

The GSettings migration has started in a separate ds-gsettings branch.

Help is welcome to replace other older technologies like HAL for example.

Ekiga 3.9.90 released

First and last BETA before 4.0

As you might have guessed, Ekiga 4.0 is on its way. It will be the latest release to be based on GTK2 technologies.

It is also the first release where I did not code day and night to get it ready. It would not have been possible to keep Ekiga
alive when everything was going bad for me without the help of you all and mainly Eugen who has been doing an incredible
amount of work on Ekiga.

Eugen, thank you very much!

Ekiga is now up to speed again. The 4.0 UI is more modern and is very stable: I’m using it daily with our BeIP LIBERTY Communication Server product range and it works like a charm 🙂

The community has made Ekiga 4.0 possible and new patches are already waiting for Ekiga 4.2:

  • T.140 Realtime text support,
  • H.239 video control support, and a few others. update

The next step is the upgrade to more recent software releases. The platform is used by many users, not only Ekiga users.
I plan to open up new features, at least for some categories users, like voicemail, RTP relaying in case of NAT and others…

Ekiga 4.0 soon to be released!

Ekiga 4.0 ready

Ekiga 4.0 is ready to be released soon.

More testing needs to be done, and the documentation also needs to be update to reflect the latest changes. However, once it is done, the packaging process will start.

This is the first major release in 3 (difficult) years and the last one to rely on GTK 2.0 and GConf. If you are a hacker and want to help porting Ekiga, you are welcome.


Victoria Sandras is born on the 8th of April 2012. She is now 7 weeks old.

Victoria is born more than 5 weeks too soon, but she is going well (and we do not sleep much anymore ;-)).

Enjoy the picture: