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I will be talking at the RMLL on Thursday afternoon.

Right after the RMLL, I will be flying back from Mont-de-Marsan to Belgium on Friday.

On Saturday, I’ll take the plane to Istanbul for GUADEC.

I will present Ekiga 3.00 to both events : what’s new, what’s old, what’s to expect.

I have just committed a large piece of missing code in the Ekiga engine.

See you there !

Back from LinuxTag 2008

I am thus back from LinuxTag.

My talk went great, you can download it by following this link.

I think it was successful, there were many people and I could demonstrate the new features of Ekiga 3.00 by calling Jonita through our VPN connection.

People could see the presence feature in Ekiga, as well as the video codecs improvements.

I liked Berlin very much, it seems to be a very enjoyable town.

I spent most of my time with Anne and Vincent.

I would like to thank Anne again for organizing the GNOME track, and of course the GNOME foundation for sponsoring the travel.

GUADEC 2005 Slides

I have uploaded my GUADEC 2005 slides. They are available here.

The talk is a general introduction to VoIP and IP Telephony, it covers H.323 and SIP and their relationship with GnomeMeeting.

GUADEC 2005 was held in Stuttgart, Germany.