Ekiga.net V2 released !

Few people know that maintaining Ekiga also means maintaining Ekiga.net, the VoIP service platform for our users.

Today, we upgraded Ekiga.net, and that’s a lot of work !

Ekiga.net is now running Kamailio as frontend (recently renamed to SIP Router due to the merge between Kamailio and the old SIP Express Router project)
and Asterisk 1.4.

Among others, it allows to run the echo test with codecs like H.264, and better SIP presence support.

The old WEB interface has been replaced by a more intuitive one thanks to
Yannick Defais. The look and feel is now similar to the one you can see on the
brother ekiga.org website.

I would also like to thank Jan Schampera who helps me daily maintaining
ekiga.net and who helped a lot for the upgrade.

You can enjoy to the new infrastructure daily by signing up for an account at

36 thoughts on “Ekiga.net V2 released !

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  2. Damien Sandras Post author

    Andrew: we decided it was not useful to login.

    Ekiga is there to login, not Ekiga.net.

  3. Andreas Nilsson

    If a site don’t have a security certificate, isn’t that the website admins fault?
    So ok, I’ve met Damien in person and would probably trust him, but still…

  4. Duncan Sample

    I too am a little confused that there’s now no account area at all. It may be useful to be able to login, see what your account settings are, maybe search the phonebook like you used to be able to and change a password. I certainly wouldn’t call it completely useless.

  5. Faidon Liambotis

    Any particular reason that you don’t publish your configurations and/or the source code to your interface?

    I’m asking that way because you’ve proved that you understand how Free Software works and that you are committed to it.

    It’d be very nice to be able to reproduce something like this locally and/or post patches for your infrastructure.


  6. Stefan Brüns

    Hi Damien,

    hope you still remember me …
    I think a login would be really good, to give the user some feedback about his account, to change personal settings (Realname, password …)

    Even if there is not much you can change, the first think I was looking for was a possibility to login (there was one before, and every other SIP provider I know has a web page where you can change your settings, so just for the sake of rerecognition …), and of course, I have not found any. Most users will not look onto this blog to find out there is no possibility to log in.

    Unfortunately lack of time made it hard for me to contribute to ekiga, but I am still following the project, and just let me say, keep up the good work (and thats meant also for all your helping hands …).

    Stefan aka Lurchi

  7. Yannick Defais


    @Duncan Sample, I will add a feature to allow changing your password. The old phone book is now deprecated, one of our dev (Snark) is working on XCAP which will store the phone book on the server using the softphone.

    @Faidon Liambotis, I did the script as fast as I could, taking stuff here and there to speed up things. This means I use various routines made by other people freely available on the web. Before publishing it I will ask their respective authors if they agree to publish their work under the same license (I will ask for GPL). This was not my priority for now as we want the new interface as soon as possible. I’ve some other minor stuff to do on it (like adding the change password feature) then i will work on this issue to publish it, then i will add more goodies to the script 😉 (or maybe rewrite some part if i cannot get the agreement for licensing…)

    @Stefan Brüns, I started the script with a “login” feature, replicating the features of the old interface (phone book, search feature, display of the datas…). We thought most of it was unecessary and we dropped it. I still have the code and exept some change for the database queries, it should probably still do the job. Once I solve the issue with licensing, we, as a community, could work on this.

    Thank you all for the feedback,
    Best regards,
    Yannick Defais

  8. Geri

    My asterisk server can’t register on ekiga.net anymore 🙁 I don’t understand Asterisk’s SIP debug messages, but it reports “SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized” for its ekiga.net account since yesterday!?

  9. BH

    I would also be more happy, if I could manage my ekiga.net-account through HTTP via a login, and not just through Ekiga. What for example, if I want/have to use my account with a different SIP-client (at work, abroad, etc.)?

    Also, putting all the account-management-features solely into Ekiga and abandoning a web-based login to ekiga.net might give your program a more “proprietary” image (like Skype), and not the “flexible and open” image that it should have.

    Just my opinion. Think about it.

  10. BH

    Quoting Yannick Defais: “The old phone book is now deprecated, one of our dev (Snark) is working on XCAP which will store the phone book on the server using the softphone.”

    Does that mean, that I won’t be able to have any local, purely offline stored phonebooks inside Ekiga in the future? :-/

  11. Yannick Defais


    @BH, it seems i was not clear enough in my previous messages and you get the wrong picture. It was necessary to upgrade the software running the SIP server (the software behind ekiga.net which ekiga register to), because the version 3.0 of Ekiga added the “presence” feature and the old server was not able to manage this. Thus we switched from SER to Kamailio. SER has a web interface (serweb) we used to allow people to register using the web. The new server -kamailio- do not have any web interface. I wrote a new web interface from scratch with the goal to allow the “use of an account with a different SIP-client”. This was the main purpose behind this. It is more easy for our coders to develop the registration inside Ekiga as coding C++ is what they know. I’m not a web interface coder, this is just fun for me, my real do not have anything to do with coding; I’m teacher in primary school… You can know understand why I was surprised by what you said! I plan to extend the features of this web interface and I’m on my way to release the code publicly here under the free license GPL 3:
    http://webxser.tuxfamily.org/ (probably this week-end)

    The XCAP thing is just another feature we will add to Ekiga, there is no plan to remove the ability to store your contacts locally.

    I hope you are now more confident in the Ekiga future 😉

    Best regards and thank you for your feedback,
    Yannick Defais

  12. Yannick Defais

    P.S.: the “old phone book … now deprecated” was the one in serweb, the one you could access using ekiga.net version 1.

  13. BH

    @Yannick Defais:
    Thank you for your detailed reply! 🙂
    Of course, your arguments make sense to me. Maybe I was just “shooting too fast” ;-). I haven’t lost confidence in Ekiga. It is a very nice software and I’m sure that you are all doing the right things.
    Much success for all further development!

  14. Petri Makkonen

    Will the ekiga account weblogin be back? I need to check
    the former “phone numbers” of accounts, manage accounts
    and so on. Why are there not any phone numbers in ekiga
    anymore? Please return the weblogin funtionalites back asap!

    P.S: Thank you for fine software !!!

    BR, PM

  15. Luiz Hey Jr

    Hi, I use my ekiga account in a ATA, this is the big advantage that I saw in ekiga, because you do not need a computer to stay online 24 hours a day.
    But without the web interface and without the accounts alias numbers, that type of use becomes impossible because I do like to call batman@ekiga.net of a standard analog phone? once I dialed to the number 123456 and now?
    if you could return these features I would be very grateful.

    Please do not turn the ekiga in a skype…

    Sorry for my English, is that I do not speak English.


  16. Simon UK

    Luiz – I have the same problem 🙂

    I wonder, does Kamailio support these alias number?

  17. Tom

    Hi ! As everyone I add : please put the login back ! Is /is/ damn useful to manage one’s account !

    Thanks and congratulations for your work on the software and website.

  18. ubos

    In my humble opinion it would be very useful to restore the login page and the possibility to manage the account via http.
    Currently I use ekiga.net account mainly with my ATA and I can’t use Ekiga 3, because my distribution doesn’t include it. For these reason I can manage my account anymore.
    Please ask if you need more details or wants just an help.

  19. ubos

    I was able to compile Ekiga 3.0.1 for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, after a long work of resolving manually all the broken dependencies, compiling by hand some libraries. (*)
    I would imagine a configuration tab for ekiga.net service a least into Ekiga softphone, but I was wrong.
    Apparently there is no way to configure my account, to change the e-mail address, to handle the visibility into the directory and so on. 🙁
    Can you make available back the previous website? Don’t close this one (the graphics is very nice), but please give me the access to my control panel.

    (*) please ask if you would like to have the debs.

  20. alfi

    seems I am not alone having such a problem – where is now possible to find i.e numeric id for my account when there is no personal space on ekiga.net web? 😐

  21. Timo

    @ubos: I’m interested in the .deb packages of ekiga3 for ubuntu 8.10.
    Could you email me the link for download or email me the package?
    Thanks in advance!

    Ekiga is a great piece of software, keep on the fine work.

  22. ubos

    I want control panel back! 🙂
    Administrators, please answer.
    I will help as I can.

    @Timo: some days passed… let me find it again…


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