Long time no see!

The reasons why I have been silent

I have been silent on my blog during the last two years. There are several reasons to this. I went through a serie of emotionally hard to live events during which I had no time left for Ekiga. I guess it happens to all Free Software authors who are developing during their spare time.

Things are getting better now. I have moved into a new house 2 years ago. I also met Claire a few months after I separated from Jonita and I am finally getting prepared to become a father!

I decided to dedicate some spare time to the Ekiga project again. During the time I was not coding, a few people like Eugen Dedu, Julien Puydt, Yannick Defais, and a few others have made their best to keep the project alive.

A few interviews

Two interviews have been published a while ago.

The first interview has been published by Josette on her Josetteorama blog.
The second interview has been published by Billy Toulas on OSArena. It is available both in English and in Greek.

Ekiga 4.00

Work has started on Ekiga 4.00 a few weeks ago. The release should be ready around March when we have done enough testing.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting new release!

12 thoughts on “Long time no see!

  1. Venky

    Would here be client side video encoding/HD video support? Also would there be an option to do group video chat?
    How does this differ from telepathy?

  2. Damien Sandras Post author

    Venky: It is already the case.
    Fabiand: Nice to hear from you too ! Thanks 🙂

  3. lefred

    Nice to hear from you again Damien !

    Congratulation for you real life fork and for the upcoming 4.0 of your virtual baby !

  4. Josep

    Nice to hear from you again! I thought about you this weekend at fosdem, I even said hi and shook hands with someone I thought was you, pretty embarrassing 🙂

    And congratulations also on your child, excellent news!

  5. Kenneth Christiansen

    Good that you are back! And good luck with everything 🙂 Missed seeing you are FOSDEM like back in the days!

  6. Damien Sandras Post author

    Thanks to all for the nice comments!

    Josep & Kenneth, if you still come to FOSDEM next year, please ping me a bit in advance so that I can come and we can drink a Belgian beer together 🙂

  7. markit

    Welcome back, I wish you all my best for your life above all, and for your work with ekiga too. Thanks a lot for giving us Libre software like that.

  8. jerome

    I have problems with Ekiga on windows 7 x64. It can’t detect any of my video sources (logitech HD B990, manycam)
    Local video stay gray, and can’t see nothing
    Skype works fine with this sources…
    Any ideas?


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