Ekiga 4.0 soon to be released!

Ekiga 4.0 ready

Ekiga 4.0 is ready to be released soon.

More testing needs to be done, and the documentation also needs to be update to reflect the latest changes. However, once it is done, the packaging process will start.

This is the first major release in 3 (difficult) years and the last one to rely on GTK 2.0 and GConf. If you are a hacker and want to help porting Ekiga, you are welcome.


Victoria Sandras is born on the 8th of April 2012. She is now 7 weeks old.

Victoria is born more than 5 weeks too soon, but she is going well (and we do not sleep much anymore ;-)).

Enjoy the picture:

11 thoughts on “Ekiga 4.0 soon to be released!

  1. random

    How do you see Ekiga’s role in the post-Empathy world? Any chance the projects could merge?

  2. kaeso

    In the last time I’ve switched away from Ekiga due to several interoperability bugs with providers I’m forced to use. Just for asking, would it make sense to unify the SIP stack? Sofia-SIP is quite mature and telepathy is already using it: http://sofia-sip.sourceforge.net/

  3. David Gómez (@emsLinux)

    Are you making any change with SIP conections, because let me tell, set up ekiga to work with my SIP Asterisk Network is a pain in the ass, i rather use Twinkle, but i like Ekiga’s design.

  4. Damien Sandras

    David: there is nothing much simpler than setting up ekiga with asterisk… I don’t understand your complaint !

  5. zhenzhenyang

    hi,i am from China,i am not so good at english you know,i have look round on the website “ekiga.net”,but can’t find my question,i want to know the ekiga weather support the H.239 which is in h.323 protocal or not. thanks very much.Happy everyday.Welcome to China.


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