A first picture

Here is a first picture of Jonita and myself. I will post more pictures in the gallery once we are back from the honeymoon.

Jonita and I

31 thoughts on “A first picture

  1. Ali Akcaagac

    Congratulations and all the best wishes to you both. Will all your dreams and hopes become true in your further life.

  2. Sri Ramkrishna

    congrats dude. If you got married yesterday, you got married one day before I did. (7 years ago. 🙂

    Enjoy your honeymoon!


  3. slaveya

    You are very nice couple:-) I wish you long life together, keep love with you for ever

  4. Roberto Pariset aka intero

    Late congratulations and fresh Christmas wishes, and happy new year, of course 🙂 Hugs to the both of you, and all the best one can wish 🙂 -intero


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