Echo Cancelation


IP4IT was great. Thanks go to Jeff Pulver for organizing such a great event and trying to popularize protocols like SIP. It is important to educate people to the possibilities offered by standards. Seeing the success of such events demonstrates that SIP has nothing to prove. It was also fun to meet and talk to GnomeMeeting users using the SIP version as professional communication tool despite the fact that the big majority of attendees was not using GNU/Linux!

GnomeMeeting 2.00

The list of new features is still growing. Tonight I just committed my changes to OPAL to add echo cancelation. Thanks to Jean-Marc Valin from Speex for his work on the algorithm.


We are progressing, and the topics are already chosen. Jeff, Michael, and Jon have already confirmed their presence as speakers for desktop related tracks. Thanks for coming guys!

4 thoughts on “Echo Cancelation

  1. SIP nut

    Great work! Can’t wait for the final SIP version of Gnomemeeting!

    Any plans to support IAX as a client as well?

  2. pastyr

    This is great! The echo cancellation is the feature I missed in Gnomemeeting the most. I like talking through repros and the echos were really strong so far. I can’t wait for the 2.0 version!


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