Ekiga 5 – Progress Report

Current Status

Ekiga 5 has progressed a lot lately. OpenHUB is reportin a High Activity for the project. The main reason behind this is that I am again dedicating much of my spare time to the project. Unfortunately, we are again facing a lack of contributions. Most probably (among others) because the project has been silent during several years.

Recent changes include a complete port to GTK+3, with a brand new user interface ported to GAction and GSettings. But there are also many changes regarding codecs: Opus, VP8, H.264, … have either been added or improved. TCP support has also been added (TLS and SRTP are next on the TODO).

Are We Ready ?

Unfortunately not. Some parts of our engine need to be rewritten because they interact badly with Opal. Actually, multiple inheritance and shared pointers have become a nightmare. Things need to be simplified and generally speaking the engine needs to be simplified to attract more developers.

Instant messaging needs to be reimplemented. We should support MSRP.

The Ekiga.net platform needs to be upgraded, and improved. I would like the platform to handle gracefully NAT problems. I would like a new website, more attractive, more modern. I would like new features regarding user subscription, account modification and deletion.

I would like many things to make Ekiga attractive.

Are you interested in helping? Ekiga needs you! Spread the word…

11 thoughts on “Ekiga 5 – Progress Report

  1. Marcelo Módolo


    I can help testing. I’ve used for a long time Ekiga (I’m now using JITSI due to the catalog of support in AD), and I have access to the Cisco IP phone, so I can use Ekiga as IP phone.

    Some things would be appreciated:
    Search contacts in AD with images;
    Possibility to indicate a filter mask on the phone field;
    Integrating the voice mail system.

    1. Damien Sandras Post author

      Hi Marcelo, the first step could be to report those feature requests as bugs so that I do not forget working on that!
      Next step is on my side: I’ll contact you when testing can be done. Currently, the new version is still not considered as stable enough.

  2. Nigel Talbot

    I try to use EKIGA – I travel a lot – but it does seem to have a lot of problems such as registering through the various different networks I end up using. Sound quality is great with headphones, but it is very easy to end up with a feedback loop using laptop speakers and built in mike. Sorry, I am not very technical but would love to see EKIGA be an easy to use and fully reliable Open Source VOIP system so I could ditch Skype. I can#’t offer any help with software, but would be happy to try out development versions and report accordingly. Nigel

    1. Bastián

      Yes, that see the release notes and in the Ekiga manual, however, on Ekiga 4.0.1 only appears support for SIP and H.323.

      I meant an extended support. Jingle is a compatible SIP protocol and can make VoIP calls through Asterisk or FreeSWITCH. Ekiga become the definitive softphone :).


  3. Geometry Dash

    Wow its amazing. I try to use EKIGA – I travel a lot – but it does seem to have a lot of problems such as registering through the various different networks I end up using.

  4. Ilya

    Ekiga is the only H323 client with video support available for Linux. Very handy for troubleshooting VoIP.


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