New Name


We are looking for a new name for GnomeMeeting for several reasons :

  • Having GNOME in the name is a bad idea: That was already a bad idea back in 2000 when I started the project, but it is more and more obvious that having GNOME in the name of a GNOME program is not a good thing. Having all GNOME programs named GNOMESomething is not very “usable”.
  • GnomeMeeting was a Netmeeting equivalent for GNU/Linux: The “was” part is very important. GnomeMeeting 2.00 will support SIP and will keep supporting H.323. It doesn’t have much in common with Netmeeting anymore, except its name. Moreover, Netmeeting is relatively dead. That doesn’t mean that H.323 is dead, but that means that many people keep thinking that GnomeMeeting is of no use because it is a Netmeeting clone and that nobody is using Netmeeting anymore.
  • GnomeMeeting is a VoIP application: Many people think that GnomeMeeting is a videoconferencing application and thus that it cannot be used without a webcam. That is not true. GnomeMeeting is a VoIP application which also supports video. Both aspects are important, and we do not support less features than any other voice-only application. We just support more than them…
  • If you have propositions for a new name, you can leave them as comments. (I need to approve them before they are displayed, so please be patient.)

    OPAL branch

    I have moved the OPAL branch to HEAD. Meaning that HEAD now contains the future GnomeMeeting 2.00 version because we consider it as usable. It can replace the old GnomeMeeting. Actually, several users are using it daily, either as H.323 solution (with other GnomeMeeting users, or with professional hardware), or as a SIP solution (with other GnomeMeeting users, or mainly with SIP PBX’es like Asterisk, or to give PC-To-Phone/Phone-To-PC calls with SIP providers).

    5 years

    I began coding on GnomeMeeting about 5 years ago. VoIP was not very popular by that time, but I didn’t care much about that. GnomeMeeting 0.8 was released 7 months later. It has changed much since the first release, in terms of “look”, but also in terms of “features”. So Happy Birthday GnomeMeeting and thanks to all of you who have been supporting me!

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    2. Sergej Kotliar

      Something along the lines of FreeTalk maybe?
      The name should reflect what it will be used for (Talking, Communicating, Conference).

      Did a google on freetalk, seems it is taken by at least 5 other projects… But something along those lines would be great… NetSpeak perhaps? no, also taken… I hope this gives some ideas to other readers of your blog…

      Parlare perhaps? To talk in italian… Seems available…

    3. Pete Shinners

      Mac has gone with “iChat”, which I suppose does a good job. Although my mac owning family members are always surprised when they learn it can do video.

      Possible names? Chatterbox, Soapbox, Podium, Phonebooth, Chatbooth, Clearchat.

    4. Peteris Krisjanis

      I clearly want between lines like Inkscape and Firefox – clearly understandable, yet original name.

      FreeTalk sounds like most of shareware apps in Windows world.

      Maybe ‘Talk And See’? I loved communique from previous examples and would like to suggest also ‘contact talk’.

    5. Damien Sandras

      We have had many other ideas :
      Voximi – Vox – see – me

    6. Ilya

      Just wanted to applaud you for the decision to rename it. I’ve very happy that usability and polish can prevail over tradition yet again.

      As to a new name, I’ll think about it:)

    7. Dave Neary

      I think something generic (nothing to do with VoIP or videoconferencing or netmeeting) is best. Look at Wengo or Skype. Or even Asterisk. Not much to do with phones, talk or meeting in there. How about the following?

      Topaz (steal a GNOME code-name, but a cool generic name anyway)
      Opal (it’s a great name, why not keep it?)
      GMT (GnomeMeetingTwo) – yeah, I know, sucks.
      Gamut (do a topaz on GMT – I’m quite fond of this one)


    8. Christoph Begall

      I think it is a very good idea to rename it. From the ones at are already mentioned I like sprout and converse. My own suggestions would be:

      • pow wow
      • corellian
      • sermo
    9. Nelson Benítez

      I like the ‘meeting’ variants as ‘meeting’ implies voice and video for me:

      These ones to add to the brainstorm:

      and my favourite:
      Obelisk (the best friend of Asterisk).

      This one is language independent (no english words), funny (which is very important) , and , because the name suggests nothing about the program, people’s curiosity will make them look at the program description where they will be well informed about the program functionality.

    10. Hugo Vincent

      My favorites so far:

      I think Gamut should be saved for something color or photo related. I dislike all the direct names like FreeTalk.

    11. Damien Sandras

      The problem with “converse” is that it is a common name, so being listed in google will be hard.

    12. tobias

      A good name should

      – easy to remember
      – have no problems with other trademarks
      – be plattform independent (No G, X, Gnome, Linux)
      – have something to do with voip/videoconferencing
      – not promote only a single feature

      At the moment I like:
      – Contact
      – Converse
      – Conversation

    13. Simos

      I would suggest a name in the form of
      One choice could be
      “Open telephony”, though opentelephone dot org is taken. If you like this, grab open-telephony dot org is available.

      I am in favour of Open-something, as they are simple and the name indicates openness.
      There are efforts by proprietary software companies to baptise their products as “open-something”, confusing the end-users. I feel we should aim for “Open+somethings”.

    14. Sergej Kotliar

      Not so serious, but could be a fun addition:

      how about “Bananaphone”? Yes, as in Ring Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Bananaphooone… Could have a cool banana logo too 😉

    15. Stéphan K.

      Maybe something involving telepathy, to symbolize it’s a snap to communicate?

      Open* sounds like a good idea too, but would be a general, maybe unoriginal name. OpenTalk is something Apple, OpenChat turns up a dozen of links on google, OpenCall is something HP…

      Or maybe a sci-fi pun, like Commlink or Commchannel.

      I’m out of ideas. 🙂

    16. Rob J. Caskey

      Converse is the best I have seen so far. I might suggest Hotline. I know it’s not really a hotline but it has a good ring to it.

    17. Calum Benson

      FWIW, all the synonyms for chat, discussion or meeting I can think of:

      PowWow, GetTogether, Parley, Caucus, SkullSession, Head2Head, Tête-á-tête (would probably want to pick a phonetic equivalent for that one… Tetatet?), Colloquy, Tryst, Audience, Confab, Jaw, Chinwag…

      Or how about Hornblower (as “horn” and “blower” are both colloquial names for the telephone…)

    18. smurfd

      sermo (talk in latin)
      fama (talk in latin)
      defero (communicate in latin)
      (throw in an open/free before the latin fraces perhaps).

      I.M (interplanetary multiconference)
      20/20 videoconference
      or simply “openVidConf”

    19. Chris Hubick

      I think it might be nice to emphasize how GM can bring people together. In that light, I like words such as ‘congregate’, ‘unite’, ‘together’, and ‘collective’. I was looking at translations for these as well (ie German ‘zusammen’). I would also like to prepend a ‘virtual’ onto one of those somehow. What are synonyms for ‘virtual’ that might mash better? If I were truly skilled, I could mash in a Freedom reference too, as that is what sets GM (and Gnome) apart from the commercial offerings 🙂

    20. Hope

      Bon anniversaire.

      Concernant un nouveau nom pour GnomeMeeting, je choisirais celui-ci : Allo

    21. b


      In phonetics, an allophone is one of several similar phones that belong to the same phoneme.

    22. Alan Horkan

      Even though I’m no fan of the unfunny GNOMEnames but I’d like to stop for a minute and say why GnomeMeeting isn’t as terrible as name as some of the other names. First off you were kind enough not to inflict typing GNOME in uppercase on your users. Secondly the idea of Gnomes having a Meeting is slightly less nonsensical and spurious than most of the names which go through contortions just to include Gnome in their name and it fairly suggestive of what the program is for. More and better marketing might be enough to dispell some of the incorrect assumptions without requiring something as radical as a name change.
      However I must say concatenating words together is a bad idea, at least in English and when the Germans do it they dont stick any capital letters in the middle of the word.

      It is not often a developer would want to follow the example of Microsoft but I think it is fair to say marketing and branding is something they have always been fairly good at. If you avoid the concatenation and split the name up into “Gnome Meeting” with a space you can casually drop the Gnome branding and monopolise the word Meeting just like Microsoft Word. Deviously simple idea which I mention ever so often but for some reason no developer has ever taken me up on the suggestion. I would seriously encourage you to only tweak the existing name. Be like IBM, tweak it a little, change the logos, the slogon but always stick to the same core idea and don’t lose what you’ve got.

      Similarly whatever new name you adopt, like the rather good suggestion of Converse, you could call it Gnome Converse but not include Gnome in the binary name and undemphasise it so it is only needs to be used when you want to disambiguate your software from the popular Chuck Taylor All Star running shoes. 🙂

      Having said all that abstracting out the name for easy rebranding like Mozilla eventually did (see Firesomething plugin) which I assume you are going to do properly sounds like a good idea to me. Properly abstracting out the name is something you could do gradually in the background until you are ready to change, rather than making the change one big messy difficult to manage task. You never know you or someone else may even want to create a commercially supported version and rebrand it again. If it is possible chances are someone will eventually do it to your codebase, so you may as well plan for it and manage the change and keep yourself in control. Properly abstacting the name so it can easily be changed without recompiling rather than crudely finding and replacing every instance in the codebase will also allow any disgruntled users to suit themselves because no matter what you do someone will eventually complain about the name.

      I be tempted to try and suggest something funny like “Meet (and two veg)” but as the Simpsons said about the “B-Sharps” it is the kind of joke which will get less and less funny every time you hear it. (I notice several “Vox” suggestions, but did you know Bono the lead singer of U2 got his nickname from the “Bono Vox” hearing aid?)

      Brave move. Good luck. (And for the love of God please avoid the acronyms.)

    23. erich

      I agree with the “requirement” of being somewhat original but easy to remember, like inkscape or firefox.
      One of my earlier ideas was “Sprekken”, a pun on the german verb “sprechen” (to talk). A drawback certainly is that it “hides” the video functions.
      How about something like “Talk Tome”? (“talk to me”) Unfortunately this seems to be already used…
      How about “calm/callm/calme/callme”? seems to be nonexistant.

      On a related note:
      We have (had, I read from some very unhappy earlier developers) gaim (so I’ll maybe switch to gajim or so) and it will probably get some VoIP functionality, too.
      And change we get all this – linphone, gnomemeeting, gaim – somewhat together in a unified library with a unified but detached UI? (and maybe KDE people doing a different UI)

    24. Tom Caudron

      Names that imply talking:

      Loqi (pronouned Loki)

      Names that imply getting together:


      To satisfy the law that says I should have at least one i* suggestion:


    25. Snark

      I had proposed to use latine roots to build the name, for example :
      – using “media” ;
      – using “vox” ;
      – etc

      That lead me to things like :


    26. Rune Hammersland

      I would like to propose: “Talatut”. It’s sturdy Norwegian slang for telephone, but also indicates a device to direct your speech to. Along the lines of rap rod, or more directly translated: speech funnel. Fairly unique I’d guess.

      “AlloAllo” wouldn’t be too bad either (just bought season 1-4 on DVD :D).

      Of the others, I liked Converse (too bad there at least is a shoe company with the same name) and Obelisk. Bananaphone was also great, but maybe in the wrong way.

    27. Jan Moren

      “Converse” is a brand of sneakers.

      The application is of course in use in many areas of the world, so it’s preferable if the name just sounds nice even if you don’t get the meaning. Some suggestions:

      Hanasu: talk (Japanese)
      Kaiwa: converse (Japanese)
      Puhua: speak (Finnish)
      Säg!: Speak! (Swedish) – with legitimate use of Heavy Metal Umlauts, no less.

    28. rangzen

      gcontact or OpenContact
      g keep a link with the history in GNOME
      contact cause it easy to understand and it’s not linked with “i need a webcam” or “i need a microphone” like in conference or converse.

    29. Stu

      I think “Converse” is a great name. The name tells you exactly what you can do with the program. A user look in a menu would know to click on “Converse” to talk to someone.

    30. Ploum

      Diamond ? Emerald ? Shiny ? (Opal-Topaz 😉 )

      Dialme ? Dialing ?

      Convellation ?

      I think that Jonita speaks a foreign language. Perhaps could you ask her some cool words in that language. It could also be done in french :

      “Parlmoi”, “Speek2Me”, “Talk2Me” (yuk)

      “Cumversare”, “Cumversa”.

      “Zillia” , “Galaxpeech”

    31. Reinout van Schouwen

      How about “Ephon”? It’s an anagram of “phone” and starts with an E, like Evolution, Epiphany, Evince, Eye of Gnome…

      Alternatively: “Echon”. According to 1913 Webster it means “Each one”, and it has the applicable “echo” in it.

    32. Daniel

      Some ideas:

      VoiceShip (or maybe spelled VoiceshIP?)
      CommuniSphere (or MeetingSphere, VoiceSphere, …?)

    33. Pesco

      I like Commlink best. I hate having to sell “funny” names to my friends. Yes, even Firefox. It always produces this “your whats-its-name Firefox or something” reaction. Commlink. It’s generic, understandible, (I hope) not used, and has the SciFi connotation, which I like. 😉

      Just too bad Skype is already the Google of VoIP. “Let’s meet on Skype.” “Why don’t you use Skype?” How can you possibly beat that out of people?

    34. stefan

      what about Parlé (“spoken”). I like names with lots of vowels. Just thought about Kariboo, but that’s already taken:
      But maybe there’s another animal, maybe even one with a distinct (mating) “call” 🙂

      I don’t like Converse. It’s a shoe brand. And IIRC Voicestream is already a phone company.

    35. Damien Sandras

      A few more propositions from Jono Bacon :

    36. Snark

      vunnel (tunnel for voice/video)

    37. PauLoX

      GNOMEE (GNOme MEEting)

      ISIPYOU (I SIP You)


      or find *sip* in dictionary and slect best word. (like cyGNUs)


    38. tincan

      Pesonally i liked converse!! But i agree, it’s too comon. Looking further “colloquy” seems perfect. It’s a ‘noun’ and it sums up everything the project aims to accomplish w/o locking youself into a technology or platform.

    39. itom

      . gconverse
      . communip (community voice over ip) or gcommunip
      . talkagain or gtalkagain
      . forevertalk or gforevertalk

    40. Nÿco

      Contalk (contact + talk)
      MeetWith or MeetThem
      OpenTalk/ClearChat or OpenChat/ClearTalk
      blahblah or blabla

      “Pow Wow” was the name of a french five-singer band well known in the 90s, I recommand not to use that name.

    41. Fabrice Alphonso

      On behalf of kenneth :
      Connexation: connectivity and sensation
      Vozation: Voz is pronounced like voice and means voice in portuguese
      Voization: More easily pronounciable
      Converse is a shoe brand

    42. Freddy

      I have two names, quite dumb, or quire smart, depending on your point of view:

      GNoip (Gnome VOIP, or GNU Voip as you prefer)

      GNIP (Gnome SIP, or GNU SIP, same as above)


    43. Guy Debord Brainstorming

      Not taken by anyone according to google:

    44. stfn

      In rough order of personal preference…

      – this is exactly what I use the application for, online meetings with colleagues

      – slang for a meeting, as in “can I get some facetime with you this afternoon?” Perhaps overemphasizes video but even voice alone has a compelling immediacy that makes it much more effective than text chat (particularly for those who haven’t spent the last 10 years on irc 24/7) and “Facetime” gives the sense of really having/giving your attention

      – along the lines of Jabber, but might have too much the connotation of “idle banter” and not. I’d hope those with predominantly business-oriented uses wouldn’t hold the name against it

      – works in harmony with open standards 🙂

      – very distinctive and I liked the TV series

      – easily understood metaphor, phonebooths of the future will feature video as well, I know this because I’ve seen it on TV 😉

      – “best friend of asterisk”, I like this a lot

      – but there is an OS called Opal

      Open Up
      – “talk freely and without inhibition”

      Since I’ve just had so much fun “painting a bike shed”, let me also say thanks to Damien et al for such a useful and Free program. Thanks!

    45. DrYak

      About “Obelisk”, be careful with trademark infrigement, see what happened to
      (And also, their last comics wasn’t as funny as usual…)

      Other names :
      – Parlez (= reference to french / pirates of the caribbean). LibreParlez ? (Parlez libres or Libre Parlé)
      – LibraVox
      – ChatFreely
      – ConLib or LibConix (Connection libre)

    46. teo

      how about something as “hello”? or “Meucci” (creator of the telephone)? or “hear” ?
      I think that it should not refers to Gnome…

    47. Bandit

      I think these names are good idea..
      OpenSlipstream or just Slipstream.
      Communiverse is nice too..

    48. Guillaume

      «Obelisk» is good but quite a private joke (one need to know Asterisk to understand it) and a bit risky (trademark problems).

      «Palantir» is simply great! I like it. What about using the diacritic ‘í’, that would be «Palantír».

      Try to avoid english, french, italian or any national langage. The Internet should have no border. Latin could be a good idea, greek too (think «Pango») because they’re no longer associated with a specific country.

      And Esperanto would probably be even better: what about «paroli» (to speak) or «babili» (to chat)…

    49. Cthulhu

      1) OpenAVT – for Audio Video Telephony, Google don’t know that yet.

      2) gphone – there’s an old project with that name and a windows apps and a phone company. Now, that seems to be a known one. 🙂

      3) [Open]{Loquor, Loqui} – that’s latin.

      However, Palantir is a great option! 😉


    50. Jon Åslund

      gconf – just kidding 🙂
      gimodo – just made up (only hits from people who couldn’t spell gizmodo on google)
      oghmacom – the favorite tool of the celtic god of “communication” oghma (zero googlehits)

    51. Freddy

      I was thinking a name as an alternative to Asterisk: OBELISK (in europe I’m sure almost everyone knows about the adventures of Asterix & Obelix) 🙂

    52. Bruce

      Some more name suggestions:

      gnuvvoip sounds a bit like groovyvoip

      voipstreamer Gstreamer reference


    53. piero

      i propose…OpenSeeME…open for nature open source…and see me to service of VOip…

    54. Villacampa

      For a new name i would suggest:

      So we have at first the “G” for GNOME, and at last the “Call” word that could be related with video an voice.

    55. Raphaël Quinet

      I was going to suggest “Palantir” (or “Palantír”) but I see that I am not the first one to suggest that. Of course this word would be a bit obscure for those who haven’t read Tolkien, but on the other hand the application name does not need to be descriptive.

      I also thought about “Locutus” but it was already taken by a P2P app. Also, many web sites are dedicated to “Locutus of Borg” from Star Trek.

      Another nice name with a latin origin would be “Convenio”. It would keep the idea of meeting and people who do not know too much about latin could associate it with convenient (latin: conveniens), which is a good side effect.

      Among the other proposals, I like “Vidivox”. It looks like the .org domain name is not taken yet. Hurry up!

      My favorites so far (rough order of preference):


    56. DrYak

      Palantir is also the name of an open source video surveuillance software.
      and is used by a lot of commercial applications.
      Hard to get a google rank.

      And besides, palantir are used to *spy*. Not happy communicating.

      Esperanto are interesting, because of its “borderless” status. How do you say Free/Open/Libre in esperanto ?

    57. Damien Sandras

      Probably I would choose “Vidivox”. “Vidi Vox” means “I saw the voice”, it has a good meaning. What do you think?

    58. liberforce

      I think the right name will be:
      – short
      – easy to remember
      – with the least pronunciation problems in the different non english speaking countries (a french that doesn’t speak english will never remember “phonebooth”)
      – will convey the “meeting, communication, sharing, friendship” ideas, with no chat, audio, or video specificity, to be able to concentrate efforts on each part without being a tool “specific” for one of these purpose… (gnomemeeting was mostly seen as a videoconference tool)

      I Liked those, but following what I said, they may concentrate too much only on the “phone” side. Skype has no such restriction in its name.

      aphone (call him with aphone 🙂 ), visiophone, videophone, allophone

      Short unrelated but cool names:
      seconix (why not after all ?)
      goblin (after gnome, and to face gizmo :-p )

      communication related
      meetall (of honor, lol)
      hobo (no space limit, traveling everywere :-p )

      about obelisk: don’t forget the mobilix lawsuit:

      about converse: possible problems with the sneakers brand ?

      about openup: seems to be a compression program on Mac Os, but I like this one very much 🙂

      Sorry Damien, I don’t really like “vidivox”, I think it sound a bit “unnatural”, too much artificial… Skype would still remains a much better name.

    59. liberforce

      Or maybe “skill” ? For “skype killer” ? Mozilla was the Mosaic Killer 😀

    60. lezius

      I propose





      GM-ng (GNOMEMEETING new generation)

      sipking (sipking seapking speaking… bad joke)

    61. Antonio

      I particulary like “hermes”, it’s simple, good sound, easy to remeber and recall the greek mithology, see the wikipedia entry for it.

    62. jijin

      hum… why not TuxMeeting ? 🙂

      or the name of an animals that is known for his view, i think to many bird (eagle,..) or many small animals … and you will have a good logo with it ! 🙂 as firefox, linux and tux the penguin, etc…

    63. Pied

      Denwa (“phone” in Japanese)
      Appeal (play on words with “call” in French)
      CAS (Call And See)
      Moshi Moshi (when Japanese people aswer the phone, or call each other)
      Lemecaff (LEt ME CAll For Free)
      Vocifere (“holding the voice”, but also “shout, scream” in French…)
      Super Kind Yelling Punk Eraser (dammit. I wrote Skype)
      Watch And Talk Thin Software (Watts)
      Call (Call And Llook)
      Ook! (you can call from the librarie)
      FCT (Free Conferencing Tool)
      PAW (Phone and watch)
      Yaps (Yet another phoning software)
      Communicate. (Because you are free)

      P! (my signature)

    64. Marketing is horrible

      I am French so latin is not very foreign to me, but did you try to pronounce it? Vidivox does not sound beautifully, nor friendly.
      I like the esperanto suggestion better, like babili, close to babble. Babble is a friendly word, warm, even funny. Vidivox really sounds harsh, metallic, cold.
      Skype sounds energetic, and sympathetic. Gtalk sounds very boring, totally unimaginative. MSN sounds familiar to all Windows users, and is associated with something big and rich, microsoft’s portal.
      You should find better than Vidivox. It would be better to proceed in an organized way. First asking people here their favorite names, within a few days or a week (maybe you could post your first message on a few popular linux sites, to attract more suggestions), once all the suggestions have been made. Then conduct a poll with the 15 most popular, then a poll with the 5 most popular, then the 2 most popular. Time is needed because we need time to get used to a new original name to really choose the name that will be the most popular in the long run. I graduated from a business school, so maybe I know enough about marketing to give not too bad advice. The most important is not to choose alone, and not to choose too fast, because this name will be used for years. A good name can do a lot for a product in a soon (or later) to be crowded market, because peoples’ unconscious is important when choosing a product. Choices are not made purely logically by most people; emotions are very important, emotions induced by the name of the product, its image,…

    65. Nathan de Vries

      My favourites at the moment are converse and parley (mentioned earlier). A new one I just thought of was “huddle”.

      I’m not a fan of the gApp convention for Gnome apps. An app is an app, the prepended ‘g’ goes against the grain of the FOSS community IMHO.

    66. nlp

      How about:

      Euphone, or

      — meaning something that sounds *good* (an “agreeable sound”).

    67. lint

      I like converse and voyelle 🙂
      RendezVous is cool too but not available :/

      Anyway i think that’s a very good idea to change your name, the actual one sounds like a dinosaur to me.

      Puisque le français est à la mode regarde dans un dico des synonymes pour tout ce qui tourne autour de la communication (parler, écrire, signer, entendre, …)

      bonne continuation 🙂

    68. Frank Overton

      May I suggest: MeetingPoint
      -Already sounds like software: (PowerPoint)
      -Suggests a physical face-2-face interaction.
      -Suggests coming to agreement, accord, unity.
      -Sounds like someplace you want to be.

    69. guest

      Gnomemeeting needs easy way of connection between users.
      callto:// or 1241242.52534.5342 is VERY hard. I am sure that is the main problem

      In skype you just enter “Username” and start talking!!! so simpel

    70. JaB

      I’d like to suggest iVP (nice ‘n short)…
      Obelisk sounds nice too but makes it feel like it needs Asterisk…

    71. Aldo "Xoen" Giambelluca

      Obelisk seems great (remember asterisk maybe too?), or obelix, boh.

      Some others ideas :
      ePhone/eTalk – maybe better eTalk? less audio dependent, but are too common?
      PenguinTalk and TuxTalk – Funny
      Gnogalk – Mhm…the ultimate solution 😉 GNOmemeetinGtALK … no results if searched with google, good 😉 (PS: I’m not drunk)

    72. Helena+Jonas

      I think it should work as both a noun and a verb. How about “Gnap”, as in “I’ll gnap you later then”. In the true GNU spirit it could be an acronym for “gnap’s not a phone”.

    73. mike

      What about this name:

      That might mean:
      On-Screen Buddy Port 😉
      or Open-Source Buddy Port

      And Port might mean an entry gate for buddy to our screen, or an On-Screen or Open-Source version (Ported) of the real buddy 😉

    74. rzr

      Why not GNUmeeting ? , it sounds close enough to old name, and bring back the libre software spirit, and can be abreviated to gmeeting

    75. John

      “Reach Out” kinda from “Reach out and Touch someone”. I know that is stolen. Just implies communication of any type.
      I think whatever word(s) should be a verb or at least sound good as a verb.
      Social Net
      Chatter Box
      Live Connection
      Net Rap

      Just adding to the list.

    76. rzr

      vogma for VoiceOverGnomeMeetingApplication

      I insist, I will be good if it can get the connection back to “gnomemeeting” name , since there is no fork…

      Maybe a vote can be set up online ?

    77. Nathan de Vries

      I think it should work as both a noun and a verb.

      Agreed. My work switched from Skype to Jabber for IMing, and it’s so much less intuitive to say “I’ll jabber you” than “I’ll skype you”.

    78. lanjoe9

      How about “Wololoo!!” like the monks on AOE?
      Ok, just kidding!

      I really like MoshiMoshi but Palantir as well..
      AlloPhone is great too, perhaps AllóPhone?
      MugPhone? As in “I can see your mug”? (:P)


    79. Pied

      GIT: GetInTouch
      KIT: Keep in Touch
      LEGIT: LEts Get In Touch
      LUGIT: Let Us Get In Touch
      LUKIT: well, you guessed 🙂
      Brouhaha: (kinda messy background chat sound)
      IMISSYOU: therefore, I call you.
      WAFIC: We Are Free Internet Chatters
      SoVoIS: Sound and Voice Internet Software (sounds like “so voice”)

      P! <-- still my sig.

    80. Aldo "Xoen" Giambelluca

      Ehi you are genius ;)!!!!!
      GNAP is wonderful! That’s great!
      It is very funny, easy to remember, seems to be a “real” verb (it can be used in a phrase!), is an acronim, is short, it is cool (like GNOME)!
      My vote is for GNAP!

    81. Daniel Albers

      I’m throwing in “VoVi”, “VoViC”, “VoViCo” (my favorite), “VoViComs — like Voice, Video(, Conferencing (made simple))
      It’d be easy to create lots of logos with this two-letter-combinations and also supplies a “punchline”, subtitle, whatever you want to call it.

    82. Mark F Villa

      New Name: how about combining the names:

      VoIP+video –> voideo
      video+VoIP –> vidip

    83. Michel APPLAINCOURT

      Why not taking a word meening something in the realm of GM, for example
      Together (GM let us keep together)

      and translate it to some language
      this will give some words following Damien’s rules .

      For example
      Together :
      junto in spanish

      May be is it possible Jonita translate in albanese 😀

      example :
      now -> tani
      Allo -> Alo :D(this is VERY simple to keep in mind)

      my albanese is very limited, but I am sure Jonita could find something 😉

    84. Cédric

      I like “Mynah” (speaking bird), but I know Damien don’t like it (for strange reasons :p )… so please, vote for me!!!! 😉

    85. Simos

      I vote for Open Telephony. It’s important to use “Open” (like OpenDocument, etc), and then add a generic name, in order to capture the mainstream market. It’s a common practice to go for common names, with Open within.

    86. variant

      I have been researching this at work now for a couple of hours and have settled on the one I first thought of: ” Eloquence ”
      The definition taken from wikipedia says it all really:

      “Eloquence (from Latin eloquentia) is fluent, forcible, elegant or persuasive speaking in public. It is primarily the power of expressing strong emotions in striking and appropriate language, thereby producing conviction or persuasion. The term is also used for writing in a fluent style.”

    87. Hub

      Since there is Asterisk, why not Idefisk 🙂

      Graham: Not sure if it is taken, but Graham is the middle name of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone.

      star69: Dial *69 to call back the last number that called you in North America. Cost a buck or so in Canada.

      pits: Plain Internet Telephone Service. Related to POTS: Plain Old Telephone System

    88. Thomas Liljenstam

      “Zipmee”, and I dont think I have to explain why… 😉 Maybe “Open Zipmee”. It’s just a suggestion. Seems free when I googled it.


    89. andE

      I would go for openmeeting too.
      I thought first openconf or openconference but it looks like thats taken. I think too that Open has to be in the title.

    90. Frank

      What about STFU (Simple Telephony For Unix)?
      Just kidding.
      Seriously, Obelisk is a great name, and as far as the trademark is concerned, the word obelisk is a common English word, while the trademark is the name Obélix.

    91. Yochanon

      Now’s another time I wish I had an imagination, but here goes anyway…

      Seefone or SeePhone

      Or maybe

      See ‘N Speak (or something conglomerating it all together).

    92. l1nux

      please dont use *Meeting! because is old :/
      is me.

    93. benben

      Just for seeing… in the way of open and courteous audio/video exchanges :
      – open-politeness
      – e-polite
      – i-courteous
      … something like this ?…

    94. Carlos

      FreeSpeak, EyeSpeak, SpeakEasy, EyeVoice… seem to be all taken 😛

      Voximi and Converse sound good (Converse being easier to remember).

    95. Moon Rigel Silk

      Both and are free, and you could do a logo with a half-moon or something? It also seems on my preliminary check to be unencumbered by Trade Mark issues.

    96. Moon Rigel Silk and are also available and google shows nothing for it, so Trade Marks should not be a problem. It is easy to pronounce in any language, easy to remember, short and gives a simple visualisable name, with perhaps a half-moon that is also a phone handset as a logo?

    97. Moon Rigel Silk are all available (yes even the dot com!) and there are NO results with google, its simple, short, easy to spell, remember and visualise, easy to phrase “moonsip me at 8”, “You should use moonsip, it’s great!” etc. Logo could be a crescent moon sipping a cocktail? Also are available, short, easy to remember, nice sound, not much on google.

    98. Simos

      Article “Linux’s Difficulty with Names”
      also mentioned on

      It is common in the open-source world to use cryptic names for software. If we had the budget of a big company, this would be a nice marketing excersize. However, in reality, only big projects like Firefox are able to do so.

      It’s important to use a common name, Open + , like Open Telephony/etc.

    99. Aldo "Xoen" Giambelluca

      One question…why use “open”? GnomeMeeting is free software, not software opensource (it’s different!), am I wrong?

      PS: “gnap” is a wonderful name 😉 Can I gnap you? It’s cool, it’s easy to remember, it’s funny! It’s takes attenction, it’s good IMHO.

    100. john uy de la cruz and are both available. get them fast bec. openmeet is already taken.

    101. john uy de la cruz

      these names are available :
      freedommeet, freedommeeting, libertymeet, libertymeeting.
      looktalking, talkfreedom, talkliberty, libertytalk
      lovecalls, libertycalls
      lookphone, phoneliberty.
      opendial, dialfreedom, dialliberty, libertydial

    102. john uy de la cruz

      meeting names still available : buddymeeting, buzzmeeting, talkmeeting, callmeeting, dialmeeting, clearmeeting, funmeeting, planetmeeting, earthmeeting, meetinguniverse, marvelmeeting.

    103. john uy de la cruz

      a few more names still available. lots of good names are already taken unfortunately :
      voiceloose, summeet.
      phonehive, hivemeet, hivemeeting, hivephone.
      talklife, phonelife.
      talkheaven, voiceheaven.

    104. Pedro Martínez Juliá

      I think the best name should be happy with Linux and Gnome:
      – VVClient (VoiceVideoClient -> Gnome Voice and Video Client)
      – SpeakFree
      – FreeSpeech
      – Culebra
      – VipClient
      I don’t know more now…

    105. john uy de la cruz

      some more names that are free to be used :
      freeblab, blabfree, freechatter, freenatter, freeyak, yakfree.
      yoohoohoo, uhoohoo, hihiho.

    106. john uy de la cruz

      these names are still available :
      sciphone, hivevoice.
      teleblab, teleyak, telebuddy. telchat.

    107. john uy de la cruz

      slogan inspired names :
      freerspeech, freestspeech.
      ifreely, ifreer, ifreest.
      freelymeet, freelymeeting, meetfreely, freelyspeak, speakfreer, speakfreest, chatfreely, freelychat, messagefree, messagefreedom.

    108. john uy de la cruz

      about wings : wingphone, wingmeet, wingmeeting, wordwing.
      buzzphone, blabphone, natphone.

    109. john uy de la cruz

      some more free names : yacker, freeyacker, freeyakker, freeblabber.
      names with speaker : speakerfree, speakerfreedom, freedomspeaker, speakerliberty, speakerlib, libertyspeaker.
      liberatedvoice, voicelib, phonelib.
      iyack, yacks, freeyack, yacking, freeyacking, yakking, freeyakking.

    110. JimBanne

      What about some Maori words:
      kia ora – hello (my favorite)
      mau mai – Welcome! (formally)
      marae – the traditional meeting place of the Maori (with community center)
      taonga – something of great value (physical or spiritual)
      hongi – greeting (Maori hosts physically greet guests by pressing noses with them)

    111. john uy de la cruz

      happy new year newmeet, newmeeting.
      names ending with cast : meetcast, connectcast, voxcast, dialcast, blabcast, speakcast, speechcast, libcast, funcast, fidcast, ethercast, transcast, sendcast, tonecast, wingcast, telcast, blisscast. soniccast.
      some sonic animals : sonicmeet, sonicmeeting, sonicphone, sonicsense, sonictone, sonictalk, joysonic, clearsonic, zoomsonic, flashsonic.
      flashy : flashmeet, flashspeak, flashspeech.
      just fast : fastmeet, fastspeak, fastspeech.

    112. Pied

      Please do not set “Linux” in the final name, as Linux is far from beeing the only free OS.
      A *BSDuser, “sick of pseudoportable codes and restrictive names because some people just think of Linux”


    113. anyes

      Why not Panoramisk, he’s a friend of Asterisk too but more powerfull (he’s the druid). And it sounds wide open

    114. vincent

      Gnap is the best proposed name!
      It’s funny, and so simple to remember!

      If necessary to find some more serious, choose something with the major ideas share and/or community

      “spokingshare” or “spoke&share”

      But, I vote for Gnap!

    115. marcusb

      Please, please, please don’t pick something geeky and listless with “vox”, “voip”, “call”, “sip”, “talk” or “chat” in it! You don’t see many cars named “MoveMe”, “Rollo” or “Dynacar”, do you?

      (Things with “vox” sound like something out of the seventies.)

      This great product deserves a good, catchy name.

      I really like the idea of using a word in a less well-known (well, at least non-English) language which also works for anglos. Words like “wiki” and “sudoku” prove that this can be very successful.

      I like some of the Maori examples above, and _love_ MoshiMoshi (hilarious). To add to some of the examples:
      * Parlez-vous (.org taken)
      * Shmooze (Yiddish for chat) or Shmoo.
      * Havamal (“speech of the High”, ancient Nordic poem).

      Obelisk seemed funny at first, but obviously the connection with Asterisk is lost on non-geeks, and it has a heavy or static connotation (a bit like “gravestone”).

      Also, please post your two or three favourites, not fifty!

    116. Scott Tankard

      Emphasized are stronger suggestions than the others.

      == birds (i like birds) ==
      * ephilus (.org, .net) (from campephilus principalis, ivory-billed woodpecker) (logo could be white, black read crest bird head)
      * myna (.org, .net)
      * pheobe (.org)
      * merganser (.org, .net)
      * rubythroat (.net)

      == others ==
      * cordial (.org) (politeness)
      * Gnap (.org) (credit Aldo “Xoen” Giambelluca)
      * Gamut (.org may be buyable) (credit Dave Neary)

    117. Aldo \

      The original Idea of GNAP is of Helena+Jonas.
      This their message :

      I think it should work as both a noun and a verb. How about “Gnap”, as in “I’ll gnap you later then”. In the true GNU spirit it could be an acronym for “gnap’s not a phone”.
      < /message>

      Also I think should looks like a verb, and easy to write/remember, then “short”.

    118. deadhead

      Otal [OpenTALk]
      Logos [from greek word]
      vinca [VoIP Application for INternet Communication]

    119. Michael Wild

      “Quasle” is swiss-german for “to chat”. Has a nice sound to me, even pronounced in english 🙂 Personally I liked Obelisk, AlloAllo and Gamut. Gnype was fun too…

    120. Ondrej Valek

      If the name shall sticjk in language like Skype, it should have only one syllable. I also like the non-English-name idea. Gnap is nice, althogh when pronounced, it’s not very distinctive (compare with “Skype” – sharper sounds). Shmoo sounds better, although it doesn;t sound like a real word. Try looking into finnish or another nordic language for inspiration.

    121. John Jones

      GNIP I really like
      Gnusins (GNU and the hillbilly USA southern slang ‘yousins)

    122. Lucian

      while it is true that netmeeting is almost obsolete, it is also true that so far the two are the only means of video contact between linux and windows. (well, now kopete 3.5 has support, but it is pretty buggy).

      I would suggest:

      xVision (as in cross-vision)

      or, it mught be x-vision for a domain name ( is not free, but the .net seems to be)

    123. Korbinian Rosenegger

      The idea “Obelisk” (from Nelson Benítez) sounds really nice to me, as a friend of Asterisk, a great VoIP server, Obelisk would be referenced with it, and GnomeMeeting is a great VoIP client, so why not joining the gallian village and find GnomeMeetings new name there?
      Possible names from there (based on the german names):
      Asterisk (already part of the VoIP family)
      Obelisk (Domains already taken)
      – Idefisk (Domains free, GnomeMeetings mascot could be this cute little dog)
      – Miraculisk (Domains free)
      – Majestisk (Domains free)
      – …
      Hmm, but afaik care has to be taken to not come in trouble with the Asterix company.

    124. franz256

      I think it is a good idea to change the name of gnomemeeting. I work with KDE and i use gnomemeeting since a long time. But it is not natural to use a software which is create for Gnome.

      idea : SAS SpeakandSea

    125. bEN

      Wizmo, Wizgo, Skyzmo, Skyzo 😉

      * other good names are: Skype, Gizmo, Wengo, …
      * ekiga: not bad, but not so good (sorry)… it could be nice to find other name before official release.

    126. gerg

      Why you asked for help in finding a new name ?
      Now you have chosen one on your own.

    127. Bill

      (for the Asimov fans. means “first speaker” and therefore has an indirect reference to the first amendment, for the US people).

    128. Tamer

      What do you think about the name:


      would that not be a great name?

      Samurai: The man with the sword which is sharp like a knife, cool name for a VoIPkiller application
      talk: What we all do through our mics


    129. chris

      Hi, I love the name : you can pronouce easily in every language and not dificult to memorise. But how did you find that name what is the history.
      I would like to try the windows version : where is it ?
      Do you have a forum for support ?

    130. Laurent

      I know, it’s a bit late to propose a name, but I just want to say, Why do you don’t keep a ‘G’ at the beginning of the name ? I know you don’t want have GNOME in the name, but with a ‘G’ at the beginning, it’s very helpfully for users. I mean when you are on Linux, you know if it’s a software for KDE or Gnome, because one begin by ‘K’ and the other by ‘G’. So you know if you will launch all the librairies of KDE/QT when you are on a Gnome desktop and the opposite also… I know also, that at that time, it’s ekiga who was chosen, but it don’t sound like a VoIP/Video software… maybe some users won’t use your software because the name don’t sound like a talk software.

      For example, tipically when I am on Linux and I looking for a software, I use the key to find all the software beginning by ‘g’ (I am on a Gnome desktop), I looking for a software who sound like what I want, if I didn’t find, I look for a software who sound like I want without use the ‘g’ at the beginnig, after the same with ‘k’ and I check finally also on the Internet…

      So I don’t have enought imagination to give a name but it may be user-friendly to find something like
      – gMessenger
      – gInstantTalk
      – gItalk
      – gOpenTalk
      – gNetTalk

      … ^_^


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