Blog moved to WordPress

Today I moved my blog from advogato to wordpress. That will allow me to easily post screenshots of current developments in GnomeMeeting, but it will also permit to finally have something on

4 thoughts on “Blog moved to WordPress

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  2. fabrice

    Nice to see your blog. Just reinstalled mine too, using the same software, without having seen yours before, i swear 😉 . “Les grands esprits se rencontrent”.
    Just i would advice you to add the AuthImage plugin if you want to avoid more easily spams.
    See you at FOSDEM.

  3. xiando

    Good choice! xiando Corp has a dozen WordPress installations and it seems most people find it very easy to use after only a short introduction.

    And you can post any screenshot or image very easy, so I am sure you will be happy with yours. Good luck and thanks for making Gnomemeeting, it is a excellent free voip/phone program.


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