Flood of bug reports

Ekiga development

Jan has continued his awesome work on the roster for Ekiga 3.00. It starts looking very good and it is already able to use several backends to store the contacts, Evolution-Data-Server being the default one.
On my side, I have continued working on OPAL to add presence support. I have nearly finished rewriting the registration/subscription system to make it more robust and more compliant. Ekiga is already able to receive presence events and update the roster accordingly.

Flood of bug reports

Ubuntu Edgy was released recently with a very bad bug in GTK+ 2.10.4. I guess that we have received already more than 40 bug reports about it, and we spent our time marking them as duplicates of the original GTK+ bug. It has been pretty annoying and time consuming, which is even worse as all developers of the project are working only during their spare time.

A few suggestions so that this kind of problem doesn’t appear anymore :

  • Implement a simple dup finder by default in Bug-Buddy, so that people are warned if they are reporting what most likely looks like a duplicate of another bug
  • Packagers could test the packages they are creating before releasing them to the public. In this case, simply running Ekiga once was enough to understand that there was a problem.

8 thoughts on “Flood of bug reports

  1. Matt

    Any idea what the root cause is? I haven’t been able to track anything down, and posting something here might help other people who are being hit with the bug…

  2. Marius Gedminas

    It’s a bit misleading to say that “Edgy was released” without mentioning the word “beta”. Edgy itself will be released in a month.

    Incidentally, what’s the bug? I’ve been thinking about upgrading to the Edgy beta, but I haven’t done it yet.

  3. Jan

    The root cause of what? Of the GTK+ bug? or of Edgy being (Beta-)released without tests?

  4. Alan Horkan

    > Implement a simple dup finder by default in Bug-Buddy

    Aside from the “simple” part it already mostly exists. Unless bugzilla has changed again you can mark one of your Ekiga/GnomeMeeting bugs with the keyword mostfreq. Bug buddy should notice that and show users a list of those mostfreq bugs and hopefully users will understand from your summary their issue is an existing bug report.

  5. progfou

    Guys, releasing a *beta* is aimed at tracking bugs like this! Now that Edgy (the final, not the beta) has been released, I can’t see any GTK+ (2.10.6 in Edgy) bug when launching/using Ekiga. See the point?

  6. Damien Sandras

    @progfou: What do you say about #359655 which has over 200 DUPs and was not fixed between the BETA and the STABLE release?

    Moreover, the post was not about the fact that there was a bug, but about the huge number of DUPs.


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