October Report

Trip to Finland

I was invited to present Ekiga at the BIOS event. The event was focused on VoIP and Open Source. I met Olle E. Johansson from Edvina. Olle is a developer of Asterisk, the famous IPBX software. We had an interesting conversation, though too short.

I stayed at Johnny’s house, with his girlfriend Charlotte. Both of them are long-time supporters of the Ekiga project. Thank you again for hosting me at your place, I had a great time!

Trip to Evora, Portugal

I was also invited to present Ekiga during the aLANtejo 2006 event. It seems that I was recommended as a speaker by Jon ‘Maddog’ Hall. The trip was possible thanks to generous sponsorship of the GNOME Foundation. Thanks also!

It was really interesting to be able to present Ekiga in Portugal, because it is a country where there are not many Linux enthousiasts. A part of the audience already knew Linux, but mostly by name, without having already tried it. It was a good thing to present them an alternative to the proprietary Skype, supporting free standards, and running on a Desktop system that does not have anything to envy anymore to the Windows GUI. I also really enjoyed my stay there. Thanks again to Joaquim Rocha for having invited me and for the visit of Evora on Saturday evening. I had a great time with him, Ana, Duarte, Xavier (chronojump), and all the others…

In front of the temple


The development is going strong, both on the SIP presence stuff (it is ready), and on the WIN32 port (it is also almost ready). The work will be committed to CVS soon.
On the bad side of things, it seems that Ubuntu Edgy has another bug that generates many duplicates (#359655). It seems to be due to gnome-vfs, but we are not sure yet. However, we receive again many duplicates, most of them without backtrace, each day. It is a pity it is not being fixed given the fact that this specific bug was already known and generating many duplicates during the Beta stage of Edgy.

3 thoughts on “October Report

  1. stephen o'grady

    i’m one of those suffering from 359655, or something like it, and i’ve been wondering if it has anything to do w/ evolution-data-server. it would seem that at least in Ubuntu, there’s an Ekiga dependency on that component, and i think it may be responsible for producing similar symptoms in GAIM when the Evolution Integration plugin is activated.

    could be totally wrong of course, but my bug on the subject got mostly ignored. either way, you’re right – it’s unfortunate.

  2. Simon

    I find it very discouraging to see prerelease bugs make it into the release and then still not get fixed. Ubuntu is my distribution of choice most of the time (I have a Gentoo install here as well), but when it releases with regressions I\’m left wondering what my alternatives are.


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