Ekiga 2.0.5 released

Ekiga 2.0.5

We just released the 2.0.5 incarnation of Ekiga. It is not a specifically important upgrade, it is however worth it.
We also did a call for volunteers to ask for help in various areas of the project. That way, the current developers can concentrate on the code aspects, while others are helping in other areas of the project. If somebody is interested, feel free to leave a comment.


One week before FOSDEM. FOSDEM will just be another great opportunity to meet talented hackers. We already published interviews of several developers who will be giving talks during the event:
* Jim Gettys (One Laptop Per Child)
* Aleksey Bragin (ReactOS)
* Federico Mena Quintero (Gnome, Profiling desktop applications)
* Øyvind Kolås (GEGL)
* Kristian Høgsberg (AIGLX)
* Ronald G Minnich (LinuxBIOS)
* Peter Saint-Andre (Jabber)
* Kern Sibbald (Bacula)
* Andrew Morton (Linux kernel)
* Joe Hewitt (Firebug)
* Georg Greve (FSFE)
* Pieter Hintjens (FFII, software patents)
* Tom Baeyens (JBoss BPM)
* H. D. Moore (Metasploit)

Floris really did a great job in finding interesting questions and contacting each and every speaker in order to get their answers.


Life has been hard the last few weeks. The amount of work to do at NOVACOM is impressive. It means less and less spare time for Ekiga, family, and life in general. Fortunately, this week-end, Jonita and me decided to go to the Belgian coast in order to get some fresh air (wind and rain too).

2 thoughts on “Ekiga 2.0.5 released

  1. Jan

    A remote exploit (crash) fixed for the upcoming 2.0.6 release, beside other things.


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