Ekiga 2.0.7 available

New release

We released a new version of Ekiga just in time for the new GNOME release. It is not a major release, but it contains important bug fixes, including a security fix.

Ekiga 2.00 was released nearly one year ago and we can now tell from the various reports about Ekiga that the SIP support is mature and stable.

We continue working on Ekiga 3.00.


Tomorrow I will be in Paris with some of my NOVACOM colleagues. We will stay there until Tuesday evening.
We will be going to the VoIP convention on Tuesday.

22 thoughts on “Ekiga 2.0.7 available

  1. erik

    Hopefully some of larger video size things make it in.. 640×480 at least for the people who have hardware and bandwidth.

    Multi-point conferencing too.

  2. Harry Hobson


    Has anyone tried using Ekiga in full screen mode on a 30 inch or bigger LCD? The resolution would be 640×800 or 768×1024. We are going to try it soon. I just wondered if anyone else has.


  3. Liechti Patrick

    Hello, Ekiga is great ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you.

    We have a Asterisk Server with IAX2 Protocoll. I can see, there is a patch for IAX2 Support for Ekiga. Is it planned to be in the normal release? At the moment i use 2.03. is it allready patched in 2.07?


  4. Dominik Margraf

    Thanks for developing Ekiga, which is a wonderful VoIP and conferencing client. However will the jingle protocol support be integrated in Ekiga 3.x as well? It is much more firewall-friendly and now widely used.


  5. Damien Sandras Post author

    Dominik, Jingle is not foreseen for 3.00, but we will perhaps receive a patch ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Dominik Margraf

    but Jingle support is a really important feature for VoIP applications, which allow access to gtalk, jabbin and perhaps skype and I afraid that the user-base may be driven away by the exclusion of Jingle.

    libjingle is already out there long ago, so what are the obstacles for jingle support in Ekiga? How much work is needed to use the libjingle library?


  7. Damien Sandras Post author

    Dominik, the obstacle is the lack of time and the lack of developers. We have a huge todo list, and adding a protocol takes more than a few hours. If somebody contributes such a support, then we will happily help him, but have too few ressources to do it ourselves before 3.00.

    Also, you will quickly notice that Jingle is not widespread at all in the VoIP world.

  8. Tom M.

    I cannot seem to get Ekiga 2.0.7 running on amd64. I compile pwlib, opal, and ekiga. When I run Ekiga, it says it cannot find any audio plugins. Didn\’t have this problem compiling it on an i386 laptop. Any ideas? There seems to be no Ekiga IRC channel. There is an alsa driver in pwlib, but Ekiga can\’t find it. ๐Ÿ™

  9. Damien Sandras Post author

    Tom M., the Ekiga IRC channel or my blog are not the right place to ask for support. There is a mailing list for that purpose.

  10. Gilles

    This software is really good. However it still lacks a better video support to make it THE voip software on linux.

    Only the old H.261 video codec seems to be supported. It shouldn\’t be too complicated to add H.263 since it is already implemented in FFmpeg though libavcodec. (http://ffmpeg.sourceforge.net)

    Other voip programs support this codec (if not the better H.264) and not the oldest H.261, making video calls impossible outside ekiga.

  11. Damien Sandras Post author

    yes H.263 is on the way, however it is patented, and so will not be included in Linux Distribution.

  12. Claudine

    I have ekiga on my easygate, but can you tell me how ekiga can be downloaded free by my correspondents. Many thanks.

  13. SD

    Thanks for releasing Ekiga, which is an awesome VoIP and conferencing client.
    I was just waiting for the security fix to be done.
    Will update mine now.

    Thanks again and Ekiga Rocks!!!

  14. JamesD

    I want to thank the creator for the great work. Been using this since the first version and seeing the improvement each time it updates. Thanks and best regards,
    James Deer

  15. Meteko

    Ekiga is a great VoIP and conferencing client. Hopefully the version 3.O will have great extra features.




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