SIP Presence Support

SIP Presence

Ekiga 3.00 is progressing nicely.

I have recently committed the XVIDEO output plugin from Matthias Schneider together with a rewrite of the video display routines. Matthias recently proposed another plugin, specifically for the WIN32 release of Ekiga : DirectShow output. That work has been committed too.

I have just committed myself our latest code for SIP Presence Support. That work implements various RFCs : RFC3856, RFC3903, RFC3863, RFC3265, …
The result can be seen in the screenshot below. Basically, you are now able to see the status of your friends using standard SIP call flows with compliant SIP servers (this includes Asterisk). We will continue improving that code once we have more icons (jimmac, that is a desperate call for help).

The code has been contributed through my company NOVACOM thanks to Euroweb.

We are hiring, so if you feel like working with Free Software, in Belgium, feel free to e-mail me your resume.

Here is a screenshot (the GUI will still change a lot before we release 3.00).

Presence Capabilities in Ekiga

33 thoughts on “SIP Presence Support

  1. Eugenia

    This looks great! Could you also write a small tutorial on how to make Pidgin/Gaim 2.0 to use Ekiga server’s SIP Presence info via its SIP/SIMPLE plugin? I am trying for months now to make it connect, and it doesn’t!

  2. Damien Sandras Post author

    @Eugenia: I will try doing it when I have the time… Notice SIP Presence support on is still experimental.

    @Walcky: Merci ! On se recontacte par e-mail bientôt…

  3. Thomas McMahon

    Wow, the client is really looking great 🙂 I tried Ekiga 2, but found that it was really unusable. Unfortunately when I tried to call a friend it didn\’t work either, so I\’m using Skype (yuck!).

    Good luck with the work up to 3.0 🙂

  4. Yannick


    For Pidgin using
    Protocol: SIP
    User name: your user name from registration
    Password: the password from registration
    Local Alias: as you want (?), I put the same as User name.

    Advanced tab:
    Connection port: 5060
    Enable Use UDP
    The rest is disable (I had not tried to options)

    It works here…

  5. Alex Murray

    Damien, congrats on all the hard work, Ekiga 3.00 is shaping up very nicely. Thanks again for all your efforts in producing such a great application

  6. Peteris Krisjanis

    Now that is what I call replacement for Skype! 🙂 Keep up doing good work, can’t wait for next version 🙂

  7. Jeremy Jongsma

    What’s the signal icon in the bottom left for? Integrated bluetooth headset support (hopefully!)? Would love to be able to answer calls with my headset button.

  8. erik

    The GUI has cleaned up slightly. Nice. Keep up cleaning it. You might want to consider WPF for the Windows version as it looks and feel superior.

  9. Ulderico

    Hi. I’m off topic. In last two days Ekiga White Pages didn’t work for me. Is that a problem of mine or are those down? Thanks.

  10. Damien Sandras Post author

    @Ulderico : it was crashed and nobody complained, so I was not aware of the problem…

  11. Stefan

    That looks really great. Finally Ekiga is getting a UI which will suit the masses 😉

    I just have one request for the future: is it possible to change to the gstreamer framework as a audio backend. I know that’s rather easy to change but would be much more convinient if you are using different sound servers.
    But thanks for the good work so far!

  12. kalon33

    That look very great, I hope we will soon have it in Gutsy (we will soon could package it :p) !! A question :
    When will ekiga 3.0 will be released ?

    Thanks for all your great work.

  13. Tjaart

    This looks awesome… I just wish it was for KDE :/ KAddressbook integration would be sweet.

    Very very very nice!!!

  14. AL13N

    Nice! kaddressbook support!

    Damien, this is really nice.

    is there some kind of separate contact for the sip thing? when i tried dialing a real number a while ago, i couldn\’t find any FAQ page or documentation.

  15. xx


    Since this is the only place mentioning use of accounts with pidgin, let me share my problem: I managed to connect once with pidgin to my account – but after that, it cannot connect anymore (uknown server response in Pidgin GUI), “pidgin -d” says that apparently, Ekiga servers say “SIP/2.0 606 Not Acceptable” – any ideas how to remedy this?

    pidgin -d log below:

    sending – Tue Oct 13 13:00:07 2009

    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK7BDD2DCF8F8169152954
    From: ;tag=2340340204;epid=1234567890
    Max-Forwards: 10
    CSeq: 1 REGISTER
    User-Agent: Purple/2.5.5
    Call-ID: A992g1615aC16Bi2F5DmC32Ct74C6b78F9x507Cx
    Contact: ;methods=”MESSAGE, SUBSCRIBE, NOTIFY”
    Expires: 900
    Content-Length: 0


    (13:00:07) simple:

    received – Sat Apr 5 03:14:24 1975

    SIP/2.0 606 Not Acceptable
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK7BDD2DCF8F8169152954;received=
    From: ;tag=2340340204;epid=1234567890
    To: ;tag=c64e1f832a41ec1c1f4e5673ac5b80f6.edc8
    CSeq: 1 REGISTER
    Call-ID: A992g1615aC16Bi2F5DmC32Ct74C6b78F9x507Cx
    Server: Kamailio (1.4.0-notls (i386/linux))
    Content-Length: 0


    (13:00:07) simple: in process register response response: 606
    (13:00:07) simple: Unrecognized return code for REGISTER.
    (13:00:07) stun: using server
    (13:00:07) stun: using server
    (13:00:07) simple:

  16. sady

    Does your account pidgin config look like this:
    First Tab(General,Main):
    Protocol – Simple
    user –
    server –
    pass –
    remember pass – chekd
    local alias – …
    Second Tab(Advanced):
    Public status – checkd
    Connect to port – 5080
    Use UDP – checkd
    Use Proxy – clear
    Prox – clear
    User –
    Domain –
    Third Tab(Proxy):
    Proxy Type – None


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