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Yannick implemented a small script displaying the status information on

In order to use it, simply add this to your page :
<script src=””></script>
where YOUR_ID_ON_EKIGA_NET is simply your username :

(If you can not see how it looks like on the various planets, have a look at my blog directly.)

If you click on the button while the user is online, it should ask Ekiga to call the correct SIP address. This has been tested with Firefox, and it works well.

I would like to thank Yannick for this script, but also Vinicius Depizzol for the button (reusing well-known GNOME icons).

This work is a way to remind that Ekiga is a softphone, but also a platform for the community.

15 thoughts on “Presence Button

  1. Yannick

    Hi Eugenia,

    All I need is a good button. Code will be the same…

    In fact it is as large as it is because I’ve most of the necessary button for displaying real presence (“Away”, “Don’t disturb” and “free for chat” will be added when 3.0 will be released); they all have the same width for easier web design (“Don’t disturb” takes more width than “Call me!”).

    I can try to get rid off the text and only leave icons in the buttons, thus making them smaller. I’ll give a try.


  2. Peteris Krisjanis

    Personally I already like this version, yeah, smaller version with just presence symbol would also rock. Would be nice to have Inkscape SVG file, for example to make different buttons in different languages.

    Keep up with good work!

  3. Eugenia

    I was more thinking of these standard buttons like some sites use for RSS, XML and stuff. I created such an example here:

    I can create the rest of the series in that style if you like, just email me with all the needed texts that go on it and I will take care of it (I don\’t have a contact email for you).

    My version is a highly optimized gif at 16 colors, weighing just 300 bytes per graphic and fits easily on most sidebars. With the right ALT and TITLE attributes, it can be easily understandable as to what its function is.

  4. Yannick


    I’ve no clue.

    I used PHP to dig the SER database (MySQL) and take the infos; in summary the script is just a test on the database and return a javascript code to display images. This is nothing big, really.


  5. Robert

    Call me paranoid :-P, but can be implemented a version that return some XML?, so i can check it with my own Javascript, I am not too open to link Javascript from outside sources (and i am not trying to saying you guys have bad intentions, just that i am paranoid)

  6. Damien Sandras Post author

    Robert, sure, you can send us the code returning an XML and we will be happy to host it.

  7. fisher

    Can you provide just an image? I would like to insert it in «img src=» tag. I know where to point this image 😉
    NB: not all the blog engines allows you to use script tag


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