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  1. Damien Sandras Post author

    @Andrew: they are coming soon
    @Sleeping: the news page on Ekiga.org describes all changes. You also have a full ChangeLog in the source tarball.

  2. buglet

    — lib/gmconf/gmconf-glib.c-orig 2007-10-04 20:56:07.334988021 +0200
    +++ lib/gmconf/gmconf-glib.c 2007-10-04 20:56:22.335809049 +0200
    @@ -1473,7 +1473,7 @@

    -gm_conf_is_key_writable (gchar *key)
    +gm_conf_is_key_writable (const gchar *key)
    g_return_val_if_fail (key != NULL, FALSE);

  3. sarah

    My husband has just installed Ubuntu, I’m in Antarctica trying to convince him to try Skype, he says, no, no, use Ekiga. So I down-loaded 2.0.11. The warning message says it is not a WIN32 app.
    I’m sorry to report I’m a bit of a Neanderthal with all this. Does one of these help pages walk me through correct procedure? Thank you, thank you !! sarah

  4. Dee

    Is it possible there is a mixup in version numbers? I installed
    Gnome Slackbuild on a Slackware 12.0 box, and this is clearly
    identified as 2.0.11. I also tried the Windows version that was
    2.0.11. The Windows version was from Ekiga site today, 10 Mar
    2008. The bugs listed as fixed in 2.0.11 appear to be still
    present. For instance,


    Linux Slackware 12.0 Ekiga from Gnome Slackbuild.
    I get assertion errors:

    sndrv_pcm_hw_params: Assertion `err >= 0′ failed

    I am using well known Ensoniq ES1371 chipset/driver. The ALSA
    mixer controls sound fine, and sound system in general works
    great otherwise with all other software. It was proposed this
    assert error might be an ALSA-lib problem, but it looks
    like Ekiga programmers have been working on assertion errors
    in Ekiga, fixing (some of?) them in 2.0.11.

    2. Windows XP version 5.1.2600, different computer.
    I get the “Error installing GTK+ runtime” that was
    supposedly fixed in 2.0.11.

    Looks like a great program, but have had little to no
    success getting this to actually work yet on Windows,
    Linux or FreeBSD. The light at the end of the tunnel
    looks bright though.


  5. Damien Sandras

    Dee: I do not think my blog is the appropriate place to discuss bugs or configuration issues.

    Could we move the discussion to the mailing list ?



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