Several News

Important Events

Important events happened during the month of October. First of all, Jonita and myself have been together 10 years, we celebrated the birthday on the 1st of October.

While we were celebrating it, Vincent, my colleague at NOVACOM announced me that his first daughter was born. On the 2nd of October, my friend David announced me that his second daughter was born.

New Chat Window

I spent my week-end working on various improvements in the chat window. The chat window now displays the status of the person you are talking to. Everything is managed through signals handled by sigc++, like the rest of the new Ekiga engine, which makes things very flexible.
You can start a chat from the address book, or from the roster, then remove the contact you are talking to from the roster, add it back, everything will still behave as expected.


5 thoughts on “Several News

  1. sxpert

    I expected a 3rd paragraph in the first part :
    “jonita announced me that she was pregnant” 🙂

  2. Simon Wood

    Congrats on the 10years, spooky as me and my wife celebrated our 10th aniversary on Oct 4th!!!!


    PS. Ekiga gets a mention on the latest BlueboxPodcast episode, regarding ZRTP with Phil Zimmermann.


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