Domain Renewal

I renewed 4 domains today for 3 years :

  • the main website, where you can download Ekiga packages
  • the SIP network of Ekiga friends where you can get a SIP address
  • nothing yet
  • for historical reasons

It is unfortunately far to be cheap.
I sometimes wonder if I will still be the maintainer of Ekiga in 3 years… That would mean 10 years of coding in the project. Does that sound being a lot ?

I nearly forgot, congratulations Vincent : so many events in a few weeks.

11 thoughts on “Domain Renewal

  1. JP

    Thank you very much for your support into this project over time. A friend (in America) and myself (in South Africa) were a while ago trying to get a VOIP call going. Him using PulseAudio….needless to say, Skype (which I had to download then try and remember my one-time-used account details first) didn’t play well with PulseAudio. I told him to try Ekiga, and a 4-hour conversation ensued!

    Ekiga developers, congratulations on a very good piece of software.

    To a more related point, I am interested in starting/making a Qt port sometime. What’s the level of interest in this in the Ekiga community?

  2. Damien

    JP: We are currently redesigning Ekiga to add an abstraction layer for the voip stuff. It makes it possible to have several UIs. So yes, there is interest…

  3. Micke

    I just found this program and registered and started using it.
    I must thank you for a really great and working program! Now all that is left is to convince all others to use it too!
    Far better than the choice we had so far! Thanks a lot once again!

  4. Melchior de Contades

    Many thanks for this fabulous piece of software ! It rocks on my Kubuntu “Gutsy Gibbon” !
    I am a new user of Linux and i have definitely abandonned Windows. So i wanted to find an “open” substitute for the Skype closed thing.
    You make me discover _real_ VOIP technology SIP and i am greatefull to you. Keep the good working strong ! Thank you again.

  5. K. Steward

    ekiga is an incredible piece of software. The work you and your co-developers have done on this is really appreciated, even if people don’t take the time to say so. Keep up the excellent work. A standards-based communication tool like ekiga will always be better than a closed system (like skype). Cheers!

  6. Fasil

    Good to see a free and easy VoIP software. That is my pleasure to contribute something. And So I want to know from where to start learning the code. Is there any documentation on how to use,run and work with the code ??


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