Trophées du libre

This week, I was jury at the Trophées du libre in Soissons. It allowed me to meet several people and to participate to the choice of the winner in the Games&Multimedia category.

I was sharing this difficult task with Louis Desjardins, Øyvind Kolås, and Olivier Saraja.

Everything went smoothly and it was an interesting experience.

5 thoughts on “Trophées du libre

  1. Valek Filippov

    Hej Damien!

    Igor didn’t see you on his presentation (or at least failed to recognize you on the photo I took on your GUADEC presentation in Stuttgard =)

    Anyway thanks for the info about this contest!

  2. Damien Sandras Post author

    Valek, I remember Igor very well. I was personally impressed by the features of sk1. You can tell him I was sitting on the left of Louis Desjardins : Pippin, Louis, Myself and finally Olivier.


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