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Life has been hectic lately, however, I progressed well on my work on the Ekiga engine.
I finished the design concerning the part of the engine handling calls (other parts like contacts and presentities are already functional mainly thanks to Julien). We now have a nice abstraction layer for OPAL. That new abstraction layer means that we can add as many Call Managers as we want (and not only OPAL), but also that building new applications based on Ekiga will be trivial.

Matthias has been working a lot on the codecs stuff on his side and we now nearly have 100% SIP compliant codecs exchange, supporting media codecs options. The result is impressing and will land into SVN pretty soon.


NOVACOM, the company I am working for is hiring. MULTITEL, the research center specialized in telecommunications that created our spin-off is also hiring.

Both companies are looking for talented C++ and Java developers, Linux Gurus, VoIP specialists, people knowing about Open Source software like Asterisk, or OpenSER.

If you want to work in a fun atmosphere with people loving what they are doing, and if you are ready to work in Mons (Belgium), feel free to e-mail me me your resume and I will dispatch it to the appropriate persons.

16 thoughts on “Status Report

  1. Emil Soleyman


    Does the abstraction layer for OPAL mean that Ekiga can (possibly) be re-used as a component under the telepathy framework?

  2. bazzoola

    I am just wondering about IAX2 capabilities. I searched around in ekiga website the only thing I found was a mailing list entry in Jan 2007 regarding google summer of code.

    Are there any plans to add IAX support to ekiga SVN? How about IAX video?

  3. Damien Sandras Post author

    Yes, we have a patch for IAX2, but we had no time to work on it yet. It requires much testing.

  4. bazzoola

    I have Asterisk 1.4 and using Zoiper IAX as a client it works perfectly. I am mainly interested in Video support and Zoiper does not have it.

    Is Ekiga with IAX available on SVN? I am willing to test it on Win32, FreeBSD, Mac OS X. Please direct me to the correct place and I will take it from there.

  5. Damien Sandras Post author

    bazoola, it is available nowhere. We just have a patch that requires a lot of work. Unfortunately, testing is not enough, it also requires coding & bugfixing…

  6. Damien Sandras Post author

    matti, no. I suppose there is no interest, nobody contributed anything on the IPv6 stack for years 🙁

  7. John T.

    Hi, Damien,

    Where can I find a recent 2008 snapshot version of Ekiga 3.0 in .deb format for Ubuntu? I had a look at, etc, but the latest snapshots there are from Nov/2007. BTW, Gnome 2.22 is almost beta, and I don’t see Ekiga 3.0 in there yet! Any info on when it will be merged? Thanks!

  8. Damien Sandras Post author

    Hi John,

    The person maitaining the build system does not have time anymore, so we have no build at the moment.

    GNOME 2.22 will not ship with Ekiga 3.00.

  9. Praedor Atrebates

    How about encryption? I heard that the zfone developers are working with ekiga to add it natively? Is this true? If not, when might encryption be added?


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