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I went to FOSDEM for the first year as a simple visitor. After several years spent organizing the event and making it grow to one of the major hackers event in the world, I can only tell that I am satisfied of the accomplished work. FOSDEM is still getting bigger and bigger and the community part is gaining importance over other aspects.


This year was also my first CEBit. I was quite surprised to meet Julien at the airport. It was a pretty interesting show. The most important part probably happened when discussing with colleagues, because we had pretty interesting ideas.

Ekiga 3.00

Ekiga 3.00 is moving quite quickly thanks to the hard work of its contributors. We are not that far of a production ready BETA of Ekiga 3.00. I spent part of this week-end improving the roster, but also the general look of Ekiga 3.00.

I decided to put the video next to the roster and dialpad. It does not look like other VoIP software, but I think it is a more convenient approach because it allows using the dialpad and the roster (to transfer calls or establish new calls in future releases) while being in a call.

I am not sure if it will be a popular or unpopular move, but here are two screenshots. Feel free to post comments.

Without video:
Ekiga with no video

With video, while being in a call:
Ekiga with video

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  1. Alexander

    Happy to see Ekiga 3.0 is making progress. Could you provide snapshot builds for Ubuntu again as you did for a while on snapshots.seconix.com? I’d be happy to beta test.

  2. Conrad Beckert

    Hi Damien,

    … the new layout is good for the reasons you’ve mentioned. On the other hand I remember a very old Gnomemeeting version where you actually can detach the images and float them freely across the screen. Would that be possible here too?

    Looking forward to 3.00. What I’ve seen is really cool stuff.
    Greetings Conrad

  3. Conrad Beckert

    … oh yes – the snapshots – I forgot. They would be extremely useful (as I’m waiting for 3.00ß but have no time to find out how to compile myself)


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  5. Damien Sandras

    Alexander, Conrad: I would really like so much to see the snapshots back. Unfortunately, the person who was managing them does not contribute anymore and we need a new maintainer.

    Conrad: you can still have video in separate windows like with older GnomeMeeting releases.

  6. Alexander

    Damien: the Ubuntu guys seem to have a reasonably good infrastructure for that in their Launchpad PPA’s – maybe you could use that?

  7. Wuli

    Man, these screenshots are great. I can’t wait for ekiga 3.0 any longer. I hope you will make it into the next GNOME-release (after a “two Gnome-version” delay)

  8. troll

    That status bar is gold plating. Just take care of the best possible reception you can, don’t spam the user.

  9. Alexander

    Troll: your point is indeed one one can argue about. It’s not in the Gnome philosophy to overload a UI and showing numbers that most users won’t understand certainly doesn’t help. The graphical connection quality indicator can be useful though. Anyway, if you chose your words a bit more carefully and didn’t call yourself troll, the developer in charge might take you a bit more seriously.

  10. BH

    What about ZRTP-support? Will this nice encryption-concept also make it into Ekiga 3 soon?

  11. BH

    Great! I’m really waiting for Ekiga 3 to be released!
    Got one more question: Will there also be a whiteboard available? AFAIR, M$ NetMeeting does have such a feature, but I don’t know if it complies with SIP or H.323. A least, it would be cool for me to practice my japanese handwriting (using my pen-tablet :-D) together with my friend from Japan, while having a videoconference with her at the same time. 😀

  12. Mike

    What about h.264 using h.323 (not SIP)?
    I think most video-conference meetings still prefer h.323 as it got most features first and new systems always use h.264 for good quality using low bandwidth…
    I’ve noticed h.239 (additional content channel) is now standard for presentations during conferences, once it can use h.263, isn’t it easy to implement also?

  13. Jan

    Detachable and resizable video windows is useful – consider attending multipoint videoconferences and also different resolutions of the video.

  14. Matthias

    Mike: There is some experimental H.264 implementation for H.323 written by Simon Horne. It can be enabled by a #define. Hower I do lack the knowledge and time in order to deal with H.323 beside SIP (I am the original author of the H.264 plugin).

    About H.239, I think this exists on a long-term roadmap/wish list to be ported from openh323 to opal. No idea if and when someone will port it.

    Jan: Ekiga trunk features exactly what you are talking about and accelerated fullscreen support as well.

  15. Onkar


    I have been learning Debian packaging for quite some time. I can try packaging Ekiga 3.x in my PPA provided I get some source tarball to work with. I am not sure I will be able to build packages from SVN.

    I myself use Ekiga to make international pc-to-phone calls and I would sure like to test new version.

  16. David

    Just tried Ekiga on my EeePC, running Mandriva 2008.1 and it works wonderfully.

    Great work! A wonderful application for the EeePC.

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  18. John Doe

    Wow, looks like Ekiga 3.00 is going to have a great user interface. Congratulations to have brought intuitive, free communication to the masses.

    I also recently heard about the possibility of encrypting VOIP traffic using the standard SRTP protocol. With this protocol, Ekiga could bring both free and secure speech to the masses.


  19. matti

    Thanks, Damien et all.
    I noticed the Freshmeat pages still refer to Ekiga supporting IPv6. Do I dare to ask whether you have made any progress finding a coder to put it back in? Is it in plan for 3.0?
    All the best.


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