MacBook Pro fixed

Six months after the 1.4 EFI firmware release which destroyed my Macbook Pro display, Apple finally released a firmware that fixes it.

GNU/Linux users can finally enjoy using that machine again.

5 thoughts on “MacBook Pro fixed

  1. Jeff Tickle


    My work laptop is a MBP, which IMO is great hardware that is awesome when the right software is on it, ie, Ubuntu Linux.

    The only problem is (as always with Linux on laptops) with power management. If the thing is unplugged and I close it, it runs just as hot and the battery dies just as fast, but I can’t get it to wake back up or otherwise be in any kind of usable state after I re-open the lid. Do you have any experience making ACPI work properly on the MBP in particular?

  2. immutability

    I agree. That’s the only topic Windows rocks at. I hope there will be
    a petition that will make some kernel developers fixing this big
    issue. What do you think?

  3. Matt Casters

    Power Mgt is pobably a MBP specific issue. My Dell M65 w/ Ubuntu 7.10 runs for 3-4 hours easily, suspends, hibernates, etc.
    Intel PowerTop is a nice tool to install to tweak it too. It gives advice on what to turn on/off. I bet it works on the MBP too.

  4. regala

    immutability: well, you know, no need for a petition; don’t be rude thinking no one cares about it. And Power Mgmt is usually working. New hardware just brings new behaviors and new ways of breaking standards. Some developers are even paid to make it work.Just give them some time, and it will 🙂

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