Ekiga Snapshots Resurrected

Thank to Eugen Dedu and Yannick Defais, we now have again packages allowing easy testing of our bleeding edge Ekiga.

Thank you to Kilian for having maintained them during all those years…

Check them out:

It includes Debian Unstable (i386 and amd64) and Ubuntu Hardy and Gutsy
(i386 and amd64).

Those packages feature the presence indicator, new and advanced video
codecs, a roster like you can find in most Instant Messenger clients, a
quality indicator, an easier setup and many other things.

Last but not least, we have hidden many bugs to hunt here and there!
Please, be kind enough to help us test and improve the software.

12 thoughts on “Ekiga Snapshots Resurrected

  1. Damien Sandras Post author

    @BH: when somebody will be working on it.
    @jpl: no, it is the arch name on Debian based distributions for 64bits machines. So it will work.

  2. James

    Hi, Damian,
    I’ve been using the ekiga-snapshot releases, and I think it’s pretty close to beta release quality. What are the ekiga’s team criteria to consider that ekiga 3.0 has already reached beta quality??

  3. Steffen


    I tried the snapshot version and it works. Thanks for the developement!

    But also in this version no PULSE audio support available. But PULSE is essential.

  4. John Zbesko

    Please forgive if this blog is not the right place to post, but I simply cannot get my firewire dv camcorder to work with Ekiga. I’m frustrated because it has worked well in the past- about a year or so ago.

    I have installed the latest snapshot (for Kubuntu Hardy) and tried various solutions about vloopback, setting permissions, etc.

    My goal is to video-conference with my freshman son at college who uses iChat.

    Thank you for any response.

  5. Velko Hristov

    Thank you for the awesome software you’re working on and the snapshot service provided.

    I just wanted to point out that the Ubuntu Intrepid repositories (and maybe the other Ubuntu repos too) are empty and cannot be used. Debian Sid is fine.

    Regards – Velko

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  8. Harvey King

    yup, the Intrepid repository is empty at this moment. May be it’s for a reason. can’t wait…


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