Andy, I’m sure there are more than 100 new features in Ekiga 3.00. I’m ready to write them down.

However, I’m not sure to have enough spare time (yes, I’m not paid to work on Ekiga) to finish everything at perfection for the next release of GNOME. Do you want to join forces ?

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  1. Benny

    Do any of the new features include “working behind my company firewall like Skype has always done quite happily”? If not, I still have no reason to even install Ekiga.

  2. jprieur

    You always have to point out that you’re not being paid to work on Ekiga. Well, we are a big bunch of guys not being paid to develop and maintain our free software. This is quite common and each time you say that I feel it as misplaced hate. This is YOUR choice, are you sure you made it?

  3. Snark

    Ekiga doesn’t go through firewall as easily as skype, indeed. But it’s probably related to the fact that it doesn’t break it open and use your bandwith for other calls in your back…

    If you’re not connected from your home, you should check with your network administrator whether skype isn’t forbidden. Hint: in many places, it is.

  4. Damien Sandras Post author

    jprieur: I am simply annoyed by people demanding more and more features or doing misplaced criticism. When I read such reactions (like yours or the kind comment of Mr Woxberg for example), I am more and more tempted to give up the maintainership of Ekiga.

  5. Ub1476

    Hi, I’m really looking forward to the Ekiga 3 release. I hope it works fine on x86_64..

    I think you need to spread the word around a little in the Ubuntuforums. They seem to be a little “infected” with Skype. See this forum thread for instance:

    I posted on page 2 to give them some links and the interview to ekiga 3, but don’t know how much it helped.

    I suggest you start an own thread to tell about the new features, some pics, where to download and why it’s better than Skype/should be used.

    Remember, Ubuntuforums is quite large with many people!

    I wish you could luck 🙂

  6. BH

    Upon reading the thread mentioned by Ub1476, I became quite surprised that so many Linux-users like and use Skype. True, it is (unfortunately) already used by so many people, but completely abandoning Ekiga (which is FOSS) in favour of Skype (which is completely closed to the public)? Something’s seriously wrong here…

    Maybe you should put some “case studies” on the website to clearly illustrate what Ekiga can be used for (use it to connect to different clients, even IP-hardphones; use it with any SIP- or H.323-Provider, not just; no need to say “Oh no, not another communications client I have to sign up an account for!”; it is free software, unlike this other program; etc.). Also, give away some more information about Ekiga 3 on the Ekiga-website (screenshots, etc.). Currently, there is hardly anything interesting to read for “normal” users about Ekiga 3.
    When I compare Ekiga 2 with Skype (temporarily ignoring the freedom-fact), Skype makes the better impression IMO. But when I compare Ekiga 3 with Skype, Ekiga clearly wins!

  7. Antonello

    Linux is gaining popularity.. when I read these comments I’m wandering if it’s always a good fact… :-(((

    Daniel, you have my thanksfulls.. Thanks to ekiga, before SIP hardware were common, I could stay in touch with my British girl speaking for hours.
    Now she live in Italy, but I don’t know how I could have managed (with a student budget) without Ekiga on that years..

  8. Andres Mujica

    Damien congratulations for this great step.

    Thanks for all the effort you’ve done.

    the ipp intel codec support seems really really nice!!!

    thanks again


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