I will be talking at the RMLL on Thursday afternoon.

Right after the RMLL, I will be flying back from Mont-de-Marsan to Belgium on Friday.

On Saturday, I’ll take the plane to Istanbul for GUADEC.

I will present Ekiga 3.00 to both events : what’s new, what’s old, what’s to expect.

I have just committed a large piece of missing code in the Ekiga engine.

See you there !

2 thoughts on “GUADEC & RMLL

  1. Chris

    I followed the Ekiga talk at the RMLL and it was a very impressive session : a very structured explanation about Ekiga evolution in parallel of the VoIP standards evolution, an impressive demo of Ekiga (several calls with one to belgium). All of this with the very smart attitude of Damien. Just perfect.

    Some good time during the social event too 😉


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